The Perth council is being accused of going against the spirit of Anzac Day after fining hundreds of motorists attending the city’s dawn service.

The government is calling on the city to reconsider the parking penalties, but the council says they were issued amid security concerns.

Thousands of people left the dawn service at Kings Park to find a parking ticket on their vehicle.

Pensioners Allan and Doris Nelson were slapped with a $200 fine, even with a disability sticker on display.

“I can’t fathom their idea of fining us that $200 – on Anzac Day you go and enjoy the morning service,” Alan said.

Brendan Fisher was also fined despite parking in the same spot for years without issue.

“It was 4.55am … they’re clearly targeting people who are going to pay their respects to the Anzacs, so it’s pretty pathetic,” Mr Fisher said.

Even residents weren’t spared.

“They didn’t give me any notice, so I parked here as usual – how do I know, you know?” he said.

The city of Perth says that given the spirit of the day it only fined cars in tow away zones, and turned a blind eye to hundreds of motorists parked illegally on verges and across footpaths.

Late today after mounting public pressure, the council scrapped hundreds of fines.

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