Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers

If you, a friend or a family member is facing a criminal charge for goods in custody, it can be difficult for a lay person to properly understand the case at hand. At Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers, we act as your goods in custody.…read more.

Why You Should Consult a Sydney Traffic Lawyer

Some people mistakenly view traffic offences as ‘minor’ compared to virtually any other criminal law matter. While there are minor traffic offences that you can get through with little more than a ticket and a small fine, other charges have the …read more.

Are you Seeking an Assault Lawyer? Find Lawyers in Sydney to Work on Your Case

Criminal law is a broad category, and there are many reasons why a person might need help with criminal matters. For instance, assault charges are some of the most common in greater Sydney. Assault cases are very serious, and can carry …read more.

What Should You Know when Looking for a Drug Lawyer in Sydney? A Guide to Finding Strong Lawyers

Drug charges are very common in the Sydney area, and they can have severe consequences. Also, they are likely to be highly complicated legal issues involved in drug cases. A drug matter may result in one of various penalties depending on …read more.

Looking for a Lawyer to Handle a Firearm Case? Find Firearm Lawyers in Sydney

Firearm offences are treated extremely seriously in Sydney, especially with the country’s recent rise in weapon-related incidents. The public is highly sensitive towards prominent gun crimes, which puts pressure on law enforcement to protect …read more.

Need a Lawyer for a Fraud Case? Let These Fraud Lawyers in Sydney Help You

Fraud has one of the broadest legal definitions in Australia because it can apply to many situations. Some fraud cases involve massive amounts of money, while others are minuscule in comparison. However, criminal fraud can carry harsh …read more.

How a Sydney Homicide Lawyer Approaches a Case

In the eyes of Australian law, there is no crime more severe than taking the life of another person. Convictions for homicide often lead to long prison sentences—sometimes for the natural life of the accused. Finding the right Sydney …read more.

Larceny versus Robbery: What to Know Before You Hire a Robbery Lawyer in Sydney

With legal charges related to theft, it can be difficult to grasp what certain charges mean and how they are different from one another. For instance, if you or someone you know has been accused of theft, the charge could be larceny, or it could …read more.

Building a Defence Against Larceny: Hire a Sydney Larceny Lawyer to Prove Your Innocence

Larceny, as a criminal charge, is defined as taking another person’s property without their consent and without the intention of returning it to them later. While larceny is a serious charge, it occasionally occurs because of miscommunication or …read more.

Evaluate Your Options in Sydney With the Help of Lawyers Experienced in Drink Driving Defences

Drink driving is a serious offence due to the danger it creates for everyone on the road. With rising numbers of traffic fatalities in the early 1980s, the NSW government enacted new legislation. This law gave police the right to conduct random …read more.

Understanding Drug Driving Offences and How Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers Can Help

Driving while intoxicated by narcotics is as dangerous and illegal as drunk driving. However, the body “processes” drugs very differently than alcohol, which the liver eliminates at a steady rate. The presence of drugs can linger instead. As a result …read more.

Are you Facing Suspension of Your Driver Licence in Sydney? Consult Knowledgeable Lawyers Soon

Driving a car is not a right; it is a privilege we earn by demonstrating safe driving abilities and respect for the road rules. The nature of licencing means the state can also revoke your privilege to drive due to an offence. The triggers for a …read more.

Navigating Your Licence Disqualification with the Help of Lawyers in Sydney

For many Sydney residents, driving is an essential part of daily life. Traveling long distances to run errands or commute to work during the week is not unusual. As a result, losing one’s licence to disqualification due to a conviction is often a …read more.

Defending Against Charges of Reckless Driving with Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers

Your licence to drive represents more than the fact that you passed a test and proved your ability. It also represents an agreement to drive lawfully and safely to avoid accidents and harm. Unfortunately, this duty is not always as simple as it …read more.

Appealing to the district court

An appellant (the person wanting to appeal their case) has the right to appeal against a large array of decisions that were made by the Local Court. However, before any decision to appeal is made, be sure to always seek legal advice from a qualified criminal lawyer …read more.

Refusal for breath test/ analysis

Safe driving requires good judgment and constantly sharp concentration not only for your own driving behaviours, but also external factors such as weather and traffic conditions, and spontaneously changing situations on the road. Driving whilst under …read more.

Negligent driving

Negligent Driving: Amongst the three levels, this is the least serious negligent driving offence. A scenario for this situation may be that a collision or accident has occurred, and the police allege that it was a person’s negligent driving that caused …read more.

What should you know when looking for a drug lawyer in sydney? A guide to finding strong lawyers

Drug charges are very common in the Sydney area, and they can have severe consequences. Also, they are likely to be highly complicated legal issues involved in drug cases. A drug matter may result in one of various penalties depending on the drug …read more.

What makes effective criminal lawyers? Find a criminal lawyer in sydney today

The criminal justice system can appear complicated and intimidating to people who have had little to do with the law. However, anyone can be involved in an incident that brings them into contact with the system, and when that happens, they …read more.