Drug Offences

Small fine after successful charge negotiation of allegations of choking in domestic setting

Waverley Local Court – March 2016Our client was a young labourer from the north coast charged with choking and common assault in relation to his partner. On the basis of significant inconsistencies in the partner’s version of events, we negotiated with the prosecution...

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Released from jail on the day for dangerous driving and multiple AVO breaches – Legal Aid matter

Liverpool and Parramatta Local Courts – March 2016Our client was charged with dangerous driving occasioning grievous bodily harm, after his ex-partner jumped from his moving car following an argument they had, suffering brain damage. His matter was referred to us on a...

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Community service order for violent breach of AVO – Legal Aid matter

Downing Centre Local Court – March 2016Our client was a young disadvantaged man of Aboriginal background with a history of drug use and physical abuse, whose matter was referred to us by Legal Aid. He was due to be sentenced for a violent breach of AVO and common...

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