Recent Cases

Assault and AVO dismissed Bankstown Local Court

Our client was charged with assault and an AVO was taken out against him. The complainant did not turn up on the day of the hearing and the prosecution sought an adjournment. We informed the Court that we would not seek costs if the matters were dismissed. The...

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Mental Health Act diversion for larceny offences

Our client was charged with two counts of larceny committed in the Redfern area. Our client’s offending was marked by mental health issues. Accordingly, we made an application for our client’s matter to be diverted from criminal proceedings under section 32 of the...

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Minimum disqualification for UK licence holder

Our client was a UK national who was detected driving with a fairly hefty 0.10 BAC level, placing her well in the mid-range PCA offence. We made submissions in mitigation of penalty, and the court imposed the minimum period of disqualification and a small fine.

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