Recent Cases

No conviction and fine for repeat graffiti offender

Our client was a young man with a history of graffiti offences as a juvenile. He also demonstrated some mental health issues, so we made an application under the Mental Health Act. Unfortunately, he had received three diversion orders under the Act previously, so his...

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Expensive night out for grown-up soccer hooligan

Our client was a middle-aged man who owned his own business, charged with assault and fail to quit premises after an altercation with bouncers at a leagues club following a night watching the A-League. In submissions to the court, our client’s “assault” was cheekily...

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No conviction for marijuana growing creative type

Our client was an artist charged under the Drugs (Misuse and Trafficking) Act after he had been discovered cultivating a marijuana plant at his home amongst other illegal plants. We advised him to plead guilty and made submissions to the court that the decision to...

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