Do yourself a favor and hire these guys, I had a low range DUI and Robert got me a section 10 with no criminal conviction. He was confident and clear though the whole process and so was his legal secretary Priscilla.

I could not meet with them before the court date because of work commitments but it didn’t matter, they’re phone correspondence and email responses were fantastic, They even chased up the police for the “charge facts”. they told me exactly what I needed to prepare and were realistic in what they thought I could receive from the magistrate but in the end got me off the charge completely.

I got refereed to them off of the law NSW register and would recommend them to anyone.

I spent a week speaking to difference lawyers and firms [there are so many in Sydney] and when i spoke with SCDL I was happy and comfortable to have them represent me. I would not recommend representing yourself as be hard pressed even finding your way through court rooms and systems. they were pretty averagely priced compared to the other lawyers I spoke with and so why not use them.