Do NOT swear at the magistrate when making a bail application…


Finks bikie refused bail after aggressive outburst in Wollongong court

  • Shannon Tonkin SMH

A high-ranking Finks bikie arrested on gun and drug charges at a North Wollongong industrial unit on Thursday morning will remain behind bars until March after a magistrate decided he was too aggressive to make a bail application.

Legal Aid lawyer David Ryan told Wollongong court he had been unable to get proper legal instructions from Troy Fornaciari since his arrest due to the 34-year-old’s ongoing hostility in the police holding cells.

Fornaciari eventually appeared in court via video link on Thursday afternoon and was initially polite – until Magistrate Shane McAnulty advised him that some of his charges related to alleged threats he’d made at the scene of a motorcycle crash at Dapto in August 2017.

Fornaciari objected to the charges and attempted to explain his innocence, before launching into an expletive-laden assessment of the investigating officers.

“I find the police to be rude f—ing c—-suckers to charge me with that,” he said.

Magistrate McAnulty warned him about his language, prompting Fornaciari to apologise, however moments later he used the same phrase to describe Mr Ryan.

When again warned against swearing, Fornaciari turned belligerent and challenged the long-serving judicial officer.

“What are you going to do? Are you going to come down here and personally do it yourself? If not, shut your f—ing mouth you f—ing dog,” Fornaciari said, prompting Magistrate McAnulty to cut the video feed.

Court documents reveal Fornaciari is accused of using his senior position in the OMCG’s South Coast chapter to direct fellow gang members and associates in criminal activity, notably drug deals.

It is alleged Fornaciari was found in possession of 189 grams of the drug ice when police raided the North Wollongong warehouse, which they believe was destined to become the gang’s clubhouse.

Police also uncovered a loaded firearm and a Toyota Hilux they believe had previously been stolen.

Fornaciari was charged with 12 offences – to which he has pleaded not guilty – while another gang associate, Jake Smith, is facing three charges.

Smith also fronted court on Thursday afternoon but did not apply for bail.

Smith’s matter will return to court on March 13, while Fornaciari will fronted court again on March 21.

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