If a neighbour’s dog is excessively barking day and night, there are ways to reduce the noise or to fix the problem. There is no crime against dogs barking excessively, however, there is a process that should be followed, and if the owners do not comply, then they could face a fine and have their dog taken away by the RSPCA.  We suggest to talk to the owner first rather than marching straight up to your local council, because your neighbour may not realise their dog is bothering you, especially if they are away from the home a lot.  In most cases, the owner will be happy to find a solution to the problem and help willingly to resolve the issue.

If the problem persists, and the owners have tried everything or are not willing to try and fix the problem, contact a Community Justice Centre (CJC) for advice . CJCs will help you fix the problem by providing mediation for neighbourhood disputes, which helps you avoid costly and complicated legal action.

To provide evidence of your complaint, you can record the dog when it barks, how long the dog barks for, the frequency of the barking as well as the behaviour of the dog.  City rangers can then investigate the complaint and can issue a nuisance order to the dog’s owner.  Heavy fines apply if the owner fails to act on the order and stop the barking.

If you believe the dog is being mistreated and neglected, you should also contact the RSPCA .

If you own a dog that barks excessively, there are steps you can take. The first is to identify why your dog is barking:

  • Is the dog fed a healthy regular diet?
  • Is the dog taken for a walk most days?
  • Is the dog given attention and mental stimulation (play time)?
  • Does the dog have a shelter from the heat and cold / wet weather?

If there are no obvious reasons for the excessive barking, you may need to consult a vet or an animal-behaviour expert.

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