Even the slightest use of force can be considered assault if it creates an apprehension of fear of an imminent harmful or offensive contact.  Seemingly physical actions such as pushing a person or grabbing them by their clothes can qualify as domestic violence if it engenders fear or is considered offensive to the victim.

Can you sue someone for slapping or pushing you?

Even if you are acquitted of criminal charges for assaulting another, you can still be sued in the civil courts under the intentional tort of assault.  If the person (complainant) you assaulted was injured, missed work or suffered psychological trauma from the incident, he or she can sue you for damages, including: loss of income; medical bills; and counselling bills.

All forms of assault, whether it is forcefully pushing someone or hitting someone, involves causing physical or mental harm to another person. Some examples are touching, pushing, moving, punching or applying any kind of force to a person without their consent. You don’t even have to hit or injure someone to be charged with assault; simply threatening another can still be classed as assault.

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