Loaded gun and cocaine seized from teen’s car

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Loaded gun and cocaine seized from teen’s car


Police seized a loaded gun, cocaine, prescription drugs and a stash of cash from the car of a Sydney teenager. Drug possession and an illegal firearm are serious offences in NSW.

The teenager was emerging from a side street, in western Sydney at about 7.40pm on Friday night, when he almost collided with a Strike Force Raptor police vehicle and was pulled over.

The 19-year-old was walking away from his vehicle when the police stopped him and carried out a search of his vehicle. They found a Glock pistol, cocaine and around $4,500 in cash.

He has been charged with 10 offences at Granville Police Station including possessing a loaded firearm in a public place.

Officers who carried out the search are from Strike Force Raptor, which targets organised crimes.

“Strike Force Raptor was established in 2009 and conducts proactive investigations and intelligence-based, high-impact policing operations to prevent and disrupt conflicts, and dismantle any network engaged in serious organised criminal activity,” a police statement said.

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