Melbourne fake breath test – how much did it cost us?

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The revelation of Melbourne police faking breath test brought an outrage in public. Melbourne police falsified 258,463 PBT’s over the period of five years. The Traffic Accident Commission (TAC) has frozen their funding to Victoria police for the amount of $4 million used for roadside breath tests. But how much actually has it cost us?

The consequences have simply been ignored. These fraudulent acts of the police have given a passage for the ones actually committing the crime of driving, under the influence of alcohol. It puts the public at risk of being a victim of drink driving offence.

It also means that the false positive tests can put a person in a stressful situation. He or she is compelled to deal with court process and can cost them out of pocket expenses for no fault of his or her own. There are so many cases of drink driving in local courts daily. As there is no evidence to verify the results, magistrates are taking a guessing approach on imposing penalties and handing out convictions. A person is put through all the stress and strain and can also be convicted for the offence that he or she has not committed.

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