Minimum Licence returned after mishandling by prominent Sydney criminal law firm

Recent Cases

Our client was charged with a number of drink driving offences 2 years ago. He was sentenced to a 3 year disqualification and hefty fines for 2 of the charges. He instructed a large national criminal law firm to appeal his matter, but through their oversight only 1 of the charges was appealed and reduced to 1 year’s disqualification, with the result that when our client went to the motor registry to get his licence back, he was still serving a 3 year disqualification and the time to appeal had lapsed. We wrote a letter to the Attorney-General’s department requesting they intervene in this extraordinary case. The Minister granted our client an annulment hearing at the Local Court. The magistrate took heed of the public interest circumstances of the case and decided to annul the sentence and put a small fine and no disqualification in its place. In addition, our client was able to recoup the difference from the amount of the fine originally ordered.