“Nanny state”   People break the law up to 10 times a day, without realising.


“Nanny state”

  People break the law up to 10 times a day, without realising.

A standard Australian day can turn sour, if you beep your car horn and wave hello to a neighbour. Under NSW road rules, illegal use of a “warning device”, attracts a $298 fine and three demerit points while a “limb protrude” from a vehicle is punishable by the same sum – even if it is an elbow resting against a car window.

A morning pit-stop for coffee can very easily to ruined. Leaving car doors unlocked or windows partially open can attract $99 fines once motorists are more than three metres away from their vehicle.

If you pop into the local newsagent or shop on your daily dog walk, it is perhaps advisable to do this another time. Leaving your dog momentarily unattended and untethered outside a building is illegal in Woollahra – and punishable with a $110 fine.

If you are a restaurant owner be sure to check out your knife policy! A Coogee restaurant was asked by Randwick City Council to “formally respond” to allegations that steak knives, in its outdoor table settings, were too sharp and dangerous.

And whilst we are on the topic of animals, Parramatta City Council, meanwhile, felt it necessary to include, in its outdoor dining policy, a law that bans cafe customers from feeding pets – using cutlery.

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