Over 150 Charged With Drug Offences At Field Day Festival – What happens next…


Over 150 Charged With Drug Offences At Field Day Festival

Jan 2nd 2018 | 1:01pm | Staff Writer
 More than 150 people were charged with drug offences at Sydney’s Field Day music ​festival.

Police confirmed in a report that six people were arrested for allegedly supplying prohibited drugs, while 167 people were arrested and charged with possession of prohibited drugs during an operation of the NYD event at The Domain.

A 22-year-old man, allegedly found with 138 MDMA pills, was also arrested and charged with supplying prohibited drugs, dealing in proceeds of crime and resisting arrest; he was granted conditional bail and will appear at the Downing Centre Local Court next month.

The charges come a year after 205 people were arrested on drug charges at Field Day 2017.

Meanwhile, six people were taken to St Vincent’s Hospital for medical treatment (five of these people were conveyed for drug-related health issues) and one man requires surgery on his leg after he attempted to enter the festival unlawfully.


If you decide to risk taking drugs into a festival, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the local laws. Charges for possessing different amounts vary from state to state.

For example in New South Wales a small amount of weed is considered to be less than 15 grams. In Victoria, it’s 50 grams. This is important because carrying a small amount, and having no prior convictions, means you have a good chance of getting off with just a caution and not being charged for possession.

Your Right to Silence:

By law, you really do have the right to remain silent. If arrested, all you have to tell the police is your name and your address. After this you can say “no comment” to any further questions.

As soon as you’re busted, your priority is minimizing damage. By not talking you can’t dig yourself further into trouble. There are a lot of things you can say that will make matters worse for your sentencing. For example, admitting you drove to the festival gives them more reasons to prove you were planning on driving on drugs later.

Seek Legal Advice:

You know, beyond this article. Any community legal service will go through the evidence and the report with you free of charge. They’ll explain what your next move should be, what to plead, and whether you should get a private lawyer. They can also explain the charges and penalties you are facing and the likelihood of getting off.

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