Videos of Australian police officers committing police brutality acts are going viral via social media at an alarming rate. Offending officers should be made accountable for their crimes.

Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers encourage victims and passers by to post incriminating evidence online, rather than just make formal complaints. Accountability across Australia is  inadequate, with the vast majority of complaints being investigated by police themselves and dismissed, including those involving highly incriminating video evidence which would easily form the basis of a criminal prosecution.

Less than 4 per cent of allegations of police brutality to regional Victorian police stations were upheld. Police handle internal investigations of such incidents,  failing to consider relevant evidence and accepting police testimony over that of independent witnesses and video evidence.

In a minority of cases where police conclude that their colleagues acted unlawfully, the offenders  receive a “slap on the wrist” such as having to undertake some counselling or a brief respite from public duties. They are rarely suspended or criminally prosecuted.

Where complaints are referred to independent bodies – such as IBAC or the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission in NSW – these organisations lack the resources to properly investigate complaints. Refering many complaints back to police as it does not have funding to investigate them.

Over and above this, bodies like IBAC and the LECC have no power to discipline or prosecute police, creating a catch 22 situation.

The situation has created a situation where some officers feel free to commit acts of violence against members of the public with virtual impunity.

In a world saturated with visual media and viral posts it is hard to hide away from strong evidence. The problem is, who is there is persecute them?

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