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Reckless Driving

Like the offence of Negligent Driving, the penalties associated with the offence of Reckless Driving vary greatly depending on the severity of the offence. For example, where Reckless Driving has caused a minor accident, the penalty may be a fine and the application of demerit points. However, where the result of Reckless Driving is grievous bodily harm or death, severe penalties such as gaol terms may be faced. With proper legal representation, these severe penalties can usually be avoided.


See the table below for an outline of possible penalties for the offence of Reckless Driving:

Maximum court imposed fine $2,200 $3,300
Maximum gaol term 9 months 12 months
Minimum disqualification 12 months 2 years
Maximum disqualification Unlimited Unlimited
Disqualification in the absence of a specific court order (automatic period) 3 years 5 years


Available defences include:

    • Duress, forced through actual threats to yourself or people close to you to cause you to offend.
    • Necessity, urgent circumstances that caused you to offend.
    • Mitigating circumstances, external events that led up to or caused the incident.
    • Legal technicalities.

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