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Driving while intoxicated by narcotics is as dangerous and illegal as drunk driving. However, the body “processes” drugs very differently than alcohol, which the liver eliminates at a steady rate. The presence of drugs can linger instead. As a result, drug tests can detect use in timeframes ranging from hours to a few days, long after any “high” has ended. This is crucial to understanding the extent to which police can investigate an individual for suspected drug driving.

Police in Sydney can ask you to submit to a roadside oral drug test at any time for any reason. However, more scrutiny is often given to drivers in areas commonly associated with drug use, such as dance clubs. Regardless you may be asked to submit to a test any time you drive on public roads. A positive mobile drug test requires that you provide a second sample of saliva for analysis. If this is not possible, police will transport you to a hospital to draw blood.

If you currently face charges related to drug driving, a lawyer will help you understand the options before you enter a plea. At Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers, we provide attentive aid to every client. We know it is not always easy to understand the court system or to know how one should proceed. With possible outcomes such as licence disqualification and fines of $1,100 (first offence) to $2,200 (second and subsequent offences), help from drug driving lawyers can create opportunities for an improved outcome.

How is one charged with a drug driving offence?

The circumstances of your case play a significant role. You may not have experienced actual impairment at the time of a positive test. Let’s consider an example where that might be the case.

Oral drug tests given in the field are not always 100 percent accurate and are not accurate enough to solely detect recent drug use. Consider that a methamphetamine user can test positive even if they did not use the drug that day. This is because the test can detect meth up to 48 hours after consumption. In this hypothetical case, the individual might have used the drug at a party several days ago and thus was not impaired at the time of testing. The police charge them anyway. Does the individual have a defence? Bringing the facts to a Sydney drug driving lawyer can help you understand the best options.

Contact our drug driving lawyers with details of your case

While this is only an example, it is not an uncommon occurrence. Remember that refusal to submit to a roadside test can incur a $1,100 fine as well. If you received a notice to appear in court on a charge of drug driving, seek a lawyer in Sydney soon. A member of our firm will listen to the details of your case, consider all the potential factors, and provide you with sound advice on the choices ahead. Click here to contact Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers today.


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