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Fraud has one of the broadest legal definitions in Australia because it can apply to many situations. Some fraud cases involve massive amounts of money, while others are minuscule in comparison. However, criminal fraud can carry harsh penalties in Sydney, and throughout New South Wales. The potential consequences of being charged with fraud mean that you should always take such a charge seriously. If you find yourself facing possible fraud charges, you must secure the help of a Sydney fraud lawyer immediately.

Typical examples of smaller fraud cases may involve collecting money from Centrelink under false pretences, while more serious issues could pertain to matters such as misrepresenting investments and business deals. Tax fraud is another common offence, which may carry a range of penalties depending on the alleged amount defrauded. Because so many different cases can fall under the umbrella of fraud, the cases for such offences can become very complicated. Fraud lawyers can help a person who is being charged with or investigated for fraud, understand the severity of their case, and the options available to them.

How a Fraud Lawyer in Sydney Can Help You Understand Your Position

Smaller fraud cases may be heard in the Local Court. The maximum sentence for each such offence is two years’ imprisonment and/or a fine. However, if you are the accused in a case involving a larger amount, the matter will likely be determined by the District Court. In such cases, each count will carry a maximum of ten years’ imprisonment. Other factors can also influence the Court’s decision on sentencing. These include the duration of the fraud that was perpetrated, the motivation behind it, and the effect it had on the victims. Fraud lawyers who understand all these factors will be best prepared to assist you with your case. They can provide useful legal advice and construct a robust defence theory that will help you achieve the best possible outcome.

The Strategy We Use for Fraud Cases at Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers

If you are accused of fraud in Greater Sydney, you ought to contact Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers. Since 2009 we have provided a growing number of clients throughout Sydney with quality legal help in various criminal matters, including fraud. We develop close ties to each of our clients so that we can obtain detailed instructions in every case, and offer accurate advice. Our ability to review the facts carefully also helps us create effective defences when cases go to trial. Working with our team can provide you with the legal security you need to understand your fraud case and prepare for it accordingly.

It is unwise to face your upcoming fraud case with anything less than quality legal representation. Give yourself the best resources available when you contact Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers and set up a consultation with one of our professionals. To learn more, call our office anytime during regular business hours. One of our lawyers will be pleased to provide you more information or answer any questions that you may have.


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