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In the eyes of Australian law, there is no crime more severe than taking the life of another person. Convictions for homicide often lead to long prison sentences—sometimes for the natural life of the accused. Finding the right Sydney homicide lawyer can give a defendant their best chance at fighting homicide charges and avoiding a lengthy sentence.

The Complexities of a Homicide Trial

If you have been charged with homicide, it is important to understand that the trial you are about to face will be complicated and filled with grey areas. Obviously, if you believe that you are innocent, you will have good reason to hire the best homicide lawyer to prove your claims. However, even if you did take another person’s life, some factors can impact the length of your sentence or even lead to a total acquittal. Your homicide lawyer should be aware of these factors and be able to advise you in detail.

In homicide trials, the simple act of one person taking the life of another is not the only subject being tired. Factors such as intention and justification or self-defence also come into play and can alter the dynamic of the case. A good homicide lawyer will help you determine which circumstances apply to you. Additionally, your lawyer will know how to present these factors to the court to argue for a partial or total acquittal.

Let’s say that you are sleeping in your home one night when you hear a noise downstairs. You go to investigate and find a stranger in your daughter’s bedroom, attempting to sexually assault her. You attack the assaulter, and he pulls a knife on you. In the scuffle, you manage to get hold of the weapon and stab the man, killing him. If you were to be charged with homicide, in this case, your lawyer would help you mount a case of self-defence. You would have a significant likelihood of being acquitted by the jury.

Self-defence is the not the only legal defence for homicide. Other factors that might provide justification (or at least an absence of intention to kill or inflict harm) include duress, battered person syndrome (such as domestic violence), mental illness, provocation, and capacity. Your Sydney homicide lawyer can explain each of these circumstances to you, helping you determine whether they might apply to your situation. Even if your case is unlikely to end in acquittal, your lawyer might be able to help you reduce a murder charge to a manslaughter charge. The maximum sentence for manslaughter is 25 years’ imprisonment, compared to the maximum punishment of life in prison for a homicide conviction.

Choose Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers as Your Homicide Lawyers

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