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Larceny, as a criminal charge, is defined as taking another person’s property without their consent and without the intention of returning it to them later. While larceny is a serious charge, it occasionally occurs because of miscommunication or misunderstanding. For instance, a person might take a piece of property that they believe is theirs, or that they think they have permission to take. In either case, it is possible to mount a successful defence against larceny in court. To give yourself the best chance of beating the charges against you, you should hire an experienced Sydney larceny lawyer to defend you.

Building Your Defence

At Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers, we are qualified to act as your larceny lawyers. Since opening our doors in 2009, we have taken on numerous cases throughout New South Wales and even in courts in Queensland and Victoria. Our legal services run a range of different criminal charges, including both larceny and robbery. If you need someone to help prove your innocence in a larceny case, we are the right legal professionals for the job.

The list of possible defences for larceny is lengthy. Your larceny lawyer should walk you through this list and help you find an argument to defend your case.For example, if you were blackmailed or threatened into stealing, you can argue duress. A somewhat common defence for larceny, a claim of coercion can acquit you of responsibility for a theft charge.

Even simpler, if you took something in good faith belief that it belonged to you, then no larceny took place. Intention is important in larceny cases and is often crucial in their defence. To commit larceny in the first place, a defendant must have an active intention to deprive the original owner of their property. If the defendant legitimately thought the item belonged to them, then that intention was never there. Of course, the onus to prove intention (or lack thereof) always falls on the shoulders of the defendant and his or her lawyer. Therein lies the importance of finding an experienced lawyer who specialises in larceny cases.

As your larceny lawyers, the team at Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers will assist you in proving what is required in court to defend yourself. Whether you are arguing duress, claim of right, or consent, we know what look for in your case and how to provide evidence that will lead to your acquittal

Engage Us as Your Larceny Lawyers in Sydney

If you are facing larceny charges and need help, give us a call at Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers. We will connect you with a larceny lawyer in Sydney who can walk you through the basics of your charges and learn more about your case. From there, we will identify and build the best defence possible for your situation. To schedule a consultation today, give us a call on 1300 885 646.


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