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For many Sydney residents, driving is an essential part of daily life. Traveling long distances to run errands or commute to work during the week is not unusual. As a result, losing one’s licence to disqualification due to a conviction is often a severe disruption. Even first-time drink driving charges require an automatic disqualification. While it could be as short as three months, the severity of the charge could extend the term up to three years. Those caught driving with a suspended licence face an additional year of automatic disqualification, too.

Without a licence, daily travel can become a significant hardship. However, those in this situation have options. When a court orders disqualification, you have the right to appeal immediately to the District Court. To do so, you must file within 28 days of the initial adjudication. In some exceptional circumstances, individuals can make an application for relief to the Department of the Attorney-General. This is often considered a “last resort” option after exhausting all other avenues.

To increase your chances of your license being reinstated, consider engaging a qualified Sydney licence disqualification lawyer to review your case. At Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers, we dedicate our time and energy to helping every client understand their options. When you appeal your licence disqualification to a higher court, a traffic lawyer will help you demonstrate that you meet the criteria for dismissal favourable result, and advise what will you need to persuade the court.

Appealing your licence disqualification through a lawyer

Applicants seeking relief from a licence disqualification will need to demonstrate that they meet several criteria. For example, if you are the sole carer for an elderly or ill family member, a licence disqualification lawyer could argue there are medical grounds for reinstating your licence. Even in this scenario, you will still need to provide evidence of rehabilitation addressing the circumstances that initially cost you the licence. This might be abstaining from drugs and alcohol or completing a rehab programme. A clean record since your offence will also help your case.

Gathering extensive evidence in the form of documents and character witnesses can only help your cause. Be aware that successful appeals to the Attorney-General are much rarer than in the District Court. Therefore, it is crucial that you take advantage of your rights to appeal before this becomes the only option available.

Remember, there are time limits at work

Losing the ability to drive can make you feel stranded and unsure of how to proceed. Speak today with a licence disqualification lawyer from our Sydney team and discover options you may not have known were available. Whether you require assistance in presenting new circumstances to the Attorney-General, or you need representation before the District Court, we can help. Our lawyers always explore all the possibilities for every client, in every case. Visit our contact page here to learn more.


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