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Some people mistakenly view traffic offences as ‘minor’ compared to virtually any other criminal law matter. While there are minor traffic offences that you can get through with little more than a ticket and a small fine, other charges have the potential to impact your life drastically. Traffic violations can cost you your driver’s licence, lead to substantial fines or even land you in prison. For these reasons and more, most experts recommend consulting a traffic lawyer for most driving-related offences.

Choose Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers as Your Traffic Lawyers

If you are looking for a traffic lawyer in Sydney, call us at Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers. While our practice name suggests that we work exclusively in the niche of criminal law, we also specialise in matters of traffic law. Our lawyers work with traffic offences daily and are extensively familiar with the minutiae of Australia’s traffic laws. From the potential penalties for different offences to the best defences against certain charges, we can advise you and help you fight a traffic charge.

Often, clients will delay contacting a traffic lawyer—or not contact one at all—because they believe the case against them is ironclad. As with any law, though, traffic law has its technicalities , some of which can be used in your favour.

Say, for example, you are pulled over for drink driving. To issue a formal charge against you, the police must test the PCA (prescribed concentration of alcohol) in your bloodstream. Your PCA reading will determine whether you can be accused of a crime, but there are a few rules in that regard. For instance, if police test your PCA two or more hours after you drove a car, the evidence may be inadmissible. Police also cannot force you to submit to a PCA test in your home. If police respond to a call and accost you at your home, any evidence they collect there may also be inadmissible.

Most drivers do not know about such technicalities, or about the other complexities of traffic law. As such, it is vital that you consult with a Sydney traffic lawyer to learn more about what kind of evidence is or is not admissible in court. Simply sitting down with a lawyer and recounting the events of your arrest or traffic violation may identify a potential path for your defence. The sooner you meet with a traffic lawyer after you are arrested or charged, the better.

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At Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers, we know how a suspended licence or substantial drink driving fine can turn your life upside down. If you have been charged with a traffic violation and want to mount a defence or wish to plead guilt and mitigate the penalty, give us a call. Our traffic lawyers in Sydney will meet with you, review the details of your case, and help you find a way to fight the charges. Ring us on 1300 885 646 to arrange a free initial consultation consultation.


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