Video of brawl at indoor kids’ play centre

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A brawl erupted on Sunday at a Sydney play centre among a group of fathers, as amateur video shows.


Police were called to the Lollipops Playland indoor play centre at Wetherill Park at 4:30pm on Sunday afternoon.

A conflict apparently erupted between two groups of fathers.

Three men were taken to Fairfield Hospital for treatment after they were allegedly assaulted.

No charges have yet been laid.

Police are reportedly reviewing the footage.

Those who are actually trading blows are likely, if identified, to be charged with common assault or worse, depending on the injuries of those they attacked.

The police might also consider charging those who supported those throwing punches with assault offences on the basis of joint criminal liability, which is made out if the other participants had an agreement to do harm to another, and at least one of them carried out the agreement.

Alternatively, others may be found guilty of an assault offence as aiders or abettors, which is made out where a second person is present at the time of the offence assisting or giving encouragement to the principal offender.

Finally, the offence of affray could be charged against the persons. Such an offence is an offence against public order, and can be charged alongside assault. Affray is made out where the conduct of one or more persons, taken together, would cause a hypothetical person of reasonable firmness present at the scene to fear for his or her personal safety.

In such a case as depicted on the video, affray would likely be made out against anyone who could be proved to be taking part in the fracas by threatening or inflicting violence upon anyone present.

In conclusion, if police identify those present throwing punches, which they are likely to do in the circumstances, those persons are looking at criminal convictions for assault and or affray.

Image credit: Lollipops Playland Wetherill Park

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