Apparent drug overdose death at Defqon.1 music festival

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As the festival season commences, there has already been an unfortunate death, apparently from a drug overdose.

At western Sydney’s Defqon.1 festival, a 26-year-old man from Perth died after being found unconscious in a tent at 11:30pm on Saturday night and taken to Nepean Hospital.

It is not yet confirmed that the man was taking illegal drugs, however a coronial investigation has been set up to determine the man’s cause of death.

Police patrolled the festival, where a 23-year-old man died in 2013 after taking three pills, and arrested 46 people for drug offences, with four persons arrested for drug supply, two of whom were caught with what police allege are 46 pills of MDMA.

Nine people were taken to hospital by paramedics at this year’s event.

Police were quick to point out that the festival organisers have a clear zero tolerance drug policy, and that it is the poor choices of festival-goers who decided to take drugs which is the problem. However, it is well known that events such as these, and Defqon.1 in particular, have a prominent drug-taking culture, which is unfortunately routinely adopted at excessive levels.

Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers acts for many clients charged with drug possession and supply at these festivals. The risks make this kind of offending not worth it – both legally and having regard to potential health consequences. While it is important to know your rights – you do not have to speak to police if questioned about drugs found on your person, and you do not have to volunteer that you do have drugs on your person if you are asked, it is also important to keep in mind that you will be far better off if you don’t take illegal drugs to festivals at all.

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Apparent drug overdose death at Defqon.1 music festival