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We have experts in all areas of the Criminal Law, ensuring that each of our clients receives the most comprehensive legal advice. Our Criminal Defense Lawyers will carefully consider your case, advise you on all your legal options and recommend the best way forward.

Our Expert Traffic Lawyers help our clients win their traffic
matters in Courts throughout Sydney, every day of the week!



Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers is a law firm that specialises in Criminal and Traffic Law. Our passionate and dedicated team of expert lawyers represent clients daily in the Local, District, and Supreme Courts of NSW.

Criminal Law

Our most important job is to protect your rights and provide expert legal advice. We will guide you through the entire court process.

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Traffic Law

We will diligently gather the
necessary documentation, provide you with professional legal advice, and fearlessly represent you in court.

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Drug Offences

Drug Offences are among the most serious offences in the eyes of the Criminal Law Courts. However, the penalties associated with Drug..

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Assault Offences

Assault offences are one of the most commonly charged offences in NSW, so we deal with them on a day to day basis.

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Fraud Offences

As Fraud is often considered a pre-meditated or manipulative crime, it is looked upon very seriously by the court system.

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Firearm Offences

There are strict rules in place governing the lawful possession of a firearm in Australia. Firstly, every person who possesses a firearm must be..

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