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Presence of prescribed concentration of alcohol in person’s breath or blood

Special range PCA (Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol) charges apply to professional drivers, such as truck, taxi or bus drivers or Provisional 1 or 2 (P-Plates) and Learning licence

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Refusal or failure to give a breath test: Drink Driving

A breath analysis test is conducted using a portable device often called the breathalyser. This device measures the approximate Prescribed Content of Alcohol (PCA)

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Safe driving requires good judgment and constantly sharp concentration not only for your own driving behaviours, but also external factors such as weather and traffic conditions, and spontaneously changing situations on the

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Presence of certain drugs in oral fluid, blood or urine: Drug Driving

Many psychoactive drugs and illicitly used prescription drugs, impair a person’s ability to drive safely and make sound judgments. Hence, driving under the influence of such substances

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f you don’t want to get caught up in the legal web of penalties from hefty fines to imprisonment, make sure that your license is always up to date and not expired.

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Are you Facing Suspension of Your Driver Licence in Sydney? Consult Knowledgeable Lawyers Soon

Driving a car is not a right; it is a privilege we earn by demonstrating safe driving abilities and respect for the road rules. The nature of licencing means the state can also revoke your privilege to drive due to an offence. The triggers for a

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