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Instant loss of licence for low range drink drivers

A new NSW penalty regime is being enforced on 20 May 2019 that will see anyone over the alcohol or drug limit in NSW receive an immediate licence suspension and fined almost $600. Roads Minister, Andrew Constance says NSW is taking a “zero-tolerance” approach to drink and drug-driving. The new regime will include low-range drink and drug driving for any one testing over 0.05 blood alcohol limit, which has been in force for 38 years. ‘There are no more excuses’...

Girls snapchat selfies in hospital after a car accident whilst their friend lays dead

A tragedy unfolded in Western Sydney last Sunday as a young female driver playing ‘chicken’ killed herself in a head on collision and caused fatal damage to the innocent car driver she collided into, she also injured her two passengers. The bizarre twist in this fatal tragedy was that her two passengers filmed the whole thing on Snapchat live, and later posted selfies of their injuries while in hospital, with no apparent regard to their deceased best friend nor the innocent driver, who was in an induced coma.We...

Second pill-testing trial at ‘Groovin the Moo’ hailed a success as seven partygoers dump dangerous drugs that were tested as deadly

Second pill-testing trial at ‘Groovin the Moo’ hailed a success as seven partygoers dump dangerous drugs that were tested as deadlyOver 230 party goers used the pill testing service that was made available at Groovin the Moo festival in Canberra on the weekend. This is more than double the 85 that were tested last year, and the recent results were indicative of why pill testing services should be available at all festivals, in our humble opinion. A staggering seven pills were found with the potentially lethal...

Police car hit by drunk driver three times over the limit

Being caught drink driving over the long weekend is risky enough, but for this 57 year old man things couldn’t have gotten worse when he was not only caught three times over the limit behind the wheel, but he also crashed into a parked police car. Luckily no one was in the parked vehicle but police witnessed the crash and charged him with high-range drink driving after a breath analysis of 0.162. Drink driving is a serious offence and may attract heavy fines, licence suspensions and/or jail sentences.Dring...
Drink Driving

A young Woman was issued a staggering 28 Demerit points over Easter long weekend

All the warnings of Easter Double Demerits weren’t enough for one 24 year old female driver from Umina. Driving in a Northerly direction on the M1, she was caught by police driving her car at 110km/h whilst holding a mobile phone in her right hand. When the police approached the driver after pulling her over, they noticed that her three children were not properly secured in the vehicle. Not only were they not restrained correctly, and all three children’s child seats were not anchored to the vehicle as required...