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Are you Facing Suspension of Your Driver Licence in Sydney? Consult Knowledgeable Lawyers Soon

Driving a car is not a right; it is a privilege we earn by demonstrating safe driving abilities and respect for the road rules. The nature of licencing means the state can also revoke your privilege to drive due to an offence. The triggers for a licence suspension vary widely from case to case. It could be the result of a drug driving charge, or it might be the punishment for a speeding violation. In both instances, a suspended licence can significantly disrupt your life. While suspensions that occur due to a severe or repeated offence typically do not receive consideration for an appeal, other circumstances leave you with options.

For example, you can appeal suspensions due to speeding or from accumulating too many demerit points to the Local Court if you are on a P1 or P2 Licence. You cannot appeal a demerit suspension to the court. Also, do not forget that it may be illegal to drive in the meantime, subject to whether the suspension has been stayed pending the appeal. To help you recover your driving privileges, the team at Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers is available to consult with you on the next steps. Through work with a professional license suspension lawyer in Sydney, your case will receive the attention it deserves.

There are time limits to consider. To take advantage of your legal options, you must act without delay. When the RMS suspends your licence, you must appeal within 28 days of their letter informing you of the decision. You can also appeal a Local Court decision to disqualify you. Here you have 28 days from the day of sentence to appeal to the District Court. If you miss this deadline, you must ask the Court for a Leave to Appeal. Within three months of your disqualification, you must file an Application for Leave to Appeal explaining why you did not originally meet the 28-day deadline. This is where a licence traffic lawyer is most helpful. If you do not file this application within three months, you must serve out the suspension.

How and when you can appeal a suspension

All drivers risk demerits for certain traffic offences, including speeding and negligent driving. Earn too many, and an automatic suspension of your licence begins. Similarly, police may suspend your licence on the spot if you exceed a speed limit by more than 45 km per hour, even if you were speeding due to an emergency. It is the police officer’s job to enforce the law, and a traffic lawyer’s job to consider the facts and circumstances of your case before presenting it before a court.. Ensure you meet the appeal deadlines so that you may have your day in court. The law grants no extensions beyond the established limits. Once Speaking to licence suspension lawyers about your suspension now will provide ample time to prepare and notify the courts of your intent to appeal.

Partner with a licence suspension lawyer in Sydney

Choosing to fight your suspension is often the right choice. To ensure that you can appear before a court with an improved chance of restoring your licence, do not neglect the value of a Sydney licence suspension lawyer. There may be details to your case that will make a difference to the outcome. Our team of lawyers will be happy to evaluate your circumstances, discussing your options in easy-to-understand terms. Call us on 1300 885 646 now to learn more from a qualified lawyer.


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