It is obvious that using your mobile phone in your car is illegal and can result in fines, points and loss of licence. But what are the terms of using Sat Nav and maps on your mobile phone whilst driving in NSW?

The dangers of using a mobile phone whilst driving can be extremely dangerous and in some instances deadly. Australian authorities are clocking up tens of millions of dollars in fines every year as we cannot seem to restrain ourselves from using our mobile phones in the car whilst driving.

You may be fined and lose demerit points for holding your mobile phone whilst driving. All states and territories have ruled it illegal to use a mobile phone whilst driving to make phone calls, text, use social media, email or gaming.

This rule applies when the vehicle is stationary with the engine on, such as in a traffic jam or stopped at traffic lights or a stop sign.

Hands-free earbud and Bluetooth systems are legal in NSW as long as the mobile phone is not in your hand and not obstructing your view. However, these devices have been proven to reduce the brains ability to scan risks

One use that many of us rely on every day is our phones navigation ability and maps. This is legal in NSW as long as the mobile phone device is in a cradle and not obstructing the drivers view.

Demerit point increase

The penalty for using a mobile phone illegally in a vehicle was increased from four to five demerit points on 17 September 2018, and when there are double demerits this will be increased to ten demerit points.

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