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Short jail sentence for repeat drug and property offender in breach of suspended sentences

Criminal Law, Drug Offences, Manly Local Court, Recent Cases, Recent News

Manly Local Court – March 2016 Our client was a young woman with a seriously long criminal history for offences stemming from her longstanding drug habit. She was sentenced on the basis of 6 different sets of criminal matters, those primarily being property offences in the nature of forged prescriptions, identity offences, and unlawful possession […]

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Fine only for dangerous driving

Manly Local Court, Recent Cases, Recent News, Traffic Law

Manly Local Court – February 2016 Our client was a 17-year-old who had only had his licence for a matter of months when he was charged with drive in a manner dangerous, speed over 30km/h and negligent driving as a back-up. We negotiated with the prosecution to slim down the charges, and the prosecution dropped […]

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